How I got where I am today?

Hi and welcome to a short story about how I ended up as a student at Noroff´s online course in Graphic Design!

My name is Marte Granlund and I´m soon 24 years old from Lillehammer, Norway.

My interest in graphic design started way back when every young girl in Norway loved reading blogs and blogging themselves. I started and wrote several blogs, which got me into photography and some CSS/HTML. When I had to choose a field of study in high school, I therefore chose Media and Communications. It was at this time I discovered graphic design, through Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.

My third year in high school we had to choose between continuing with the regular Media and Communication study field and finish school at the same time as the rest of class of 2016, or Media Design and take on an extra semester after «graduation». Choosing Media Design gave us many good opportunities and industry-wide work experience.

After I finished school I started working full time in a cosmetics store, and all my creativity went into making make up looks for my Instagram. Since then I almost haven´t touched InDesign or Illustrator, other than small projects or ideas. So now when i finished my bachelors degree in Marketing and Sales Management I wanted to get back into graphic design og learn more! I chose Noroff´s online course to have the opportunity to manage and plan my own schedule, while I work part time.

My school and work background reflects my interests, and for a long time graphic design, marketing and cosmetics are a few of my passions. The last year knitting has been taking up my free time, knitting classic pieces for my wardrobe. I also love the colors of the sky (nothing beats a good sunset or sunrise) and taking long walks or hikes.

After studying i would love to work in an marketing/branding/design agency, work in-house for a brand or chain or maybe start my own business?

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