Latheral Thinking

Fishing for compliments

Pouring rain

Spin the bottle

A really fun one, that I understood quite quick! A great illustration of the word game.

Mixed emotions

I´ve seen this one before, but it is a great representation of how it feels to have mixed emotions.


I struggled with this one, but it must be breakfast right??

An inside job

My first thought: BIG job! But what about the «an». Ah!! «An» inside job.

Undercover cop

Cop stands under cover. So undercover cop. I wasn´t completely sure at first, but there is also another way of seeing this. Undercover cops has to hide there identity when they are undercover. So therefore the «under» is hidden.

Seven seas

As with the puzzle underneath, this took me al long time to understand. My first thought was copyright, or texting a televison program (captioning) on a foreign language (you don´t need more than one or two to represent those). But when I started counting the Cs you just get it right away.

Two steps forward, one step back(wards)

I quickly understood that PETS is STEP backwards, but it took some time before i thought about why it said step several times, and what has pets to do with steps?? What´s funny about these word puzzles/games is that you suddenly just get it!!

Animal algebra

I really struggled with this one… I´m usually good at solving puzzles and math questions like this. But those sheeps and hens totally confused me. And I think I could have solved the puzzle if there was some numbers involved.


Cereal killers

I have seen some of these word games before, but never knew the artist. So glad thesee were included, cause they are soooo good! Even tho I had seen this exact illustration before my first thought was donuts. But dount killers didn´t make sense. Maybe I need to eat more cereal so I can start recognizing it….

Source: Dings & Doodles – Keren Rosen.

Sleeping pills

Genius. Hope you sleep well with those sleeping pills.

Source: Dings & Doodles – Keren Rosen.

Window shopping

Yeah, shopping, sure. What? Windows? Ahh, window shopping!!

Source: Dings & Doodles – Keren Rosen.

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