Scamper method on a whisk

Collaboration partner: Marte Iren Kirkesæther

We were given a whisk as an object. We had to apply each one of the SCAMPER techniques to it to develop a new product and had to give a brief explanation of what the new product is and how it could be marketed.

The first thing me and Marte did, was to write down the SCAMPER ideas on our own. Then we shared our lists. We chose different methods, Marte K drawing her ideas. While I wrote down any ideas as my technique.

Here was our suggestions:

Substitute something
– Recycled materials
– Adjustable handle (because of different preferences on materials or size)

Combine with something else
– Make it connectable to electrical whisk

Adapt something to it
– Flatten the bottom to avoid burnt pots and pans

Modify or magnify
– Exchangeable utensils/parts for a wider selection of usage

Put it to some other use
– Tool for stain removal in laundry (ex. Combined with Vanish mixture on clothes), maybe in a smaller size for precision?
– Possible to use when serving food

Eliminate something
– For smaller pots and bowls, no handle

Reverse or rearrange

Ingen beskrivelse er tilgjengelig.
Ingen beskrivelse er tilgjengelig.

Afterwords we picked one idea from both of us. Marte K chose the one where the whisk could be used as decoration (looking like a flower). I picked the idea where you can adjust the handle – to compliment Marte K´s idea (so that people can use the vase they want when decorating).

Our final result:

Ingen beskrivelse er tilgjengelig.

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