Logo Fitness Coaching Brand

Look at the mood board you created in the previous lesson task and use it for inspiration to create a logo for the fitness coaching brand.

You are free to choose whether you want to add a tag line or not.

Since doing the Moodboard for the Fitness Coaching Brand in a previous lesson task, I already had an idea in my head of how I wanted the logo to look. Therefore my biggest problem was creating a name that was fitting to the brand but also for the logo in envisioned. I wrote a list of possible names for the brand, and wanted to start doing digital sketches only, because my envision of the logo was that the wordmark either would be placed alone or stacked together like it´s printed on a sticker. Kinda like this:

I also discovered a perfect font to this logo, that Helene Helle used in our last Course Assignment. So I wanted to test that font out in this logo, and compare it to the one I had originally picked out.

This font has a lot of alternative designs for many of the letters, that are available through Open Type in softwares like Illustrator. So I played around with the different names I came up with to see which name that fitted the font the best. Since there was no restrictions or predefined names for this brand, I choose to do it this way around to present the design the best possible way.

In the black you have the original letters that you get by using your keyboard, and the wordmarks in orange is using alternative glyphs for letters or letter combos.

This name worked the best for me in the «sticker» style i wanted:

And this name I think worked the best as a wordmark with no other elements:

But this ended up being my favorite color combo, and style, and therefore my final result:

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